The “Bookstore Babes” Talk

“One of the delights this time of year at Covered Treasures is touching base with the many extended family and friends who make it a point to come by while they’re in town.  It’s wonderful to visit with the “Bookstore Loafers” from Iowa and Washington, Korea, Minnesota, and Indiana.  We catch up with what’s happening in busy lives, talk about favorite recent books, and exchange good wishes all around for the coming months.  And we accept with deep gratitude their wishes for a healthy business year, and hopes and promises to see us on their next visit to Colorado.”       Tommie Plank

I am taking a social media class to help us reach more community members including our current customers.  I am taking a poll so if you would like, please message me your preferences.  The store has a Facebook page but would like to start using one more social media platform but is not sure which to use.  Please let us know what social media platforms you use on a regular basis.  Thank you for your help in this.  Paula Primavera